Are You Volleyball - Iran. Directed by Mohammad Bakhshi

Sisak - India. Directed by Faraz Arif Ansari 

The Treasure - Spain. Directed by Nestor del Castllo, Marisa Lafuente Esteso

Uber-Ex - USA. Directed by Jonathan Marballi 

Panic Attack - USA. Directed by Eileen O'Meara

The Root of Happiness - USA. Directed by Andy Truschinski 

Divided - USA. Directed by Tom Bragg

Make America Black Again - USA. Directed by Leon Robinson and Joel Kipnis

teen film afternoon event were:

Rachel's Pitch - USA.  Directed by Julia Fulmer

Hidden Heaven - Turkey. Directed by Çağatay Çelikbaş

Back Home - Sunnyside. Directed by Haruka Motohashi 

Green Licorice - UK. Directed by Oisin Reilly 

My Little Brother - New Zealand. Directed by Anthony Bennett 

Your Move - USA. Directed by Kaleb Cruzado 

JMaxx and the Universal Language - USA. Directed by Ryan Mayers 

Alsrafah - Saudi Arabia. Directed by Bushra Alandijani 

Worlds Apart, Same Heart - USA. Directed by Madison Traub

Thank you to all the judges who volunteered to watch 81 films for the adult screening and to the teen judges who watched 18 screenings. Great work, guys and gals!


Watch for us on next year!